CSUDH Portfolio 2020

My portfolio showcases various sample projects created for my senior year at CSUDH. Check out the links below to view/listen to content.

Covid-19 pODCAST

photo credit: Creative Commons

In my podcast interview (hint: click the Corona-Lisa) I speak with four people about how they are coping with the stresses of COVID-19 in unique ways. Charity Bliss, who uses an Amazon echo to speak with her 80 year old mother in a now shutdown nursing facility; Aaron Cheek, a man in desperate need of band-aids after cutting his finger; Katie Helsley, a woman on the search for menstrual pads during a national wide shortage; and Alexx Adkins, a local Disneyland employee who faces possible contamination from a family member.

For more ideas and inspiration on what to do during COVID-19 check out these links below.

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COVID-19 conversation w/ OBGYN

Senior Video Project for CSUDH

Note: As of this posting there is very little still known about how COVID-19 effects pregnant women and infants, and there are currently no recommendations made specifically for pregnant women in relation to the management of COVID-19. However, medical professionals continue to update their clinics and put protections in place as researchers continue to observe and collect data.

More information: If you are expecting or wondering how to take care of yourself while pregnant please check out these links below.

CDC Guidelines for COVID-19

NPR Radio: Pregnant Women Worry about Pandemic’s Impact on Labor, Delivery and Babies

World Health Organization COVID-19 Q&A, Pregnancy and Childbirth