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Links to other published work: 

Strawberry Mansion: Sundance 2021 Review, CSUDH Bulletin 
The Life and Times of Dating a Journalist, CSUDH Bulletin 
Lucifer Morningstar is Missing, CSUDH Bulletin
Joe Biden, come back and teach at CSUDH, CSUDH Bulletin
Asian Studies Minor-Major History at CSUDH, CSUDH Bulletin
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Things Black People Should Get Away With, CSUDH Bulletin
Mysterious Time Capsule Unearthed at CSUDH, CSUDH Bulletin 
Angels Double Threat’s Sort-Of Connection To CSUDH, CSUDH Bulletin
Students Chime In On Worst Christmas Gifts, CSUDH Bulletin
Wigs, Queens And Other Queer Things At CSUDH’s Upcoming Drag Show, CSUDH Bulletin
OLD-ISH: 2011-2017
Best Quotes from the Grammys 2016, The Hollywood Reporter
Kung Fu Panda 3 Premiere, The Hollywood Reporter 
Oscars 2016 After Parties, The Hollywood Reporter
Twenty-Six Shades of James Franco, TheWrap
Best and Worst On-Screen Accents, TheWrap
Drinking with the Stars: Mindy Project, TheWrap
Drinking with the Stars: Pretty Little Liars, TheWrap

ANCIENT: Pre 2011
My Future is on Hold (College Feature), LA Youth (2011)
Lovely Complex (manga) Review, LA Youth (2010)
Beastly by Alex Flinn, LA Youth (2009)
New Moon (Film Review) , LA Youth (2009)
Summer Love Playlist, LA Youth (2009)
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, LA Youth (2009)
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (Book Review), LA Youth (2008)
Stephenie Meyer Book Signing Review, LA Youth (2008)
Cloverfield, LA Youth (2008)
Twilight (Film Review), LA Youth (2008)
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (Book Review), LA Youth (2008)
Young Wild Things Tour – Fall Out Boy Concert Review, LA Youth (2007)