The Best Chris Messina Roles in Movies and Television

Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories

A loving glance under beautifully thick eyelashes here, a dash of murderous tendencies there, and a whole lot of that undisguisable raspy Long Island accent everywhere, these are just some of the components that make up a classic Chris Messina performance. Looking through the credits of Messina’s nearly three-decade career, he has an actor’s filmography equivalent best described by the phrase: “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” And in another multiverse, Messina would already be the go-to Hollywood leading man (and Italian short king) we deserve. 

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Disney+’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ is a Beautiful Family Affair

Courtesy: Marvel Studios (and Disney+)

In the first few minutes of Ms. Marvel, as unique animated scribbles flood the screen, imaginatively conveying the inner thoughts and feelings of Kamala Khan (an immediately charming Iman Vellani), you’ll realize something: this has all the trappings of early 2000s-era teen TV. After some rather more grown-up entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of late (Moon Knight; Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness), the latest small-screen MCU offering arrives like a colorful sledgehammer, functioning more as a fun and dreamy teenage comedy, wrapped up in a superhero spectacular. Less Batman Begins, more Lizzie McGuire, then — if Lizzie suddenly got glowing mystical powers, a Marvel-sized budget, and appeal beyond the 12-18 age bracket.

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‘The Underground Railroad’ star Mychal-Bella Bowman Knows What She Wants

Amazon Studios / The Underground Railroad

At the 26th Annual Satellite Awards, The Black Cape caught up with The Underground Railroad’s breakout child-star, Mychal-Bella Bowman. In the harrowing Barry Jenkins drama, Bowman masterfully plays a character named Fanny Briggs (also known as Grace) who is confined to the small attic belonging to a secret abolitionist. In Episodes 3 and 7, Fanny acts as a guide to the newly arrived escaped slave Cora (Thuso Mbedu) when the latter faces danger while crossing into a highly bigoted religious town. In this interview we talk to Bowman about her collaboration with Jenkins, growing up as a child actor, things that she both admires and uses as inspiration to guide her on her path.

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Jenifer Lewis Shines Bright at the 2022 Satellite Awards

Jenifer Lewis at the 26th Annual Satellite Awards looking good, Twitter

With a career that spans well over three decades and a personality as sharp and vibrant as a comedic actress and Black icon Jenifer Lewis — how could you not be pulled into her orbit? On Saturday, the 26th Annual Satellite Awards bestowed the actress with a special lifetime achievement award. “I want people to know that I care about the next generation,” Lewis tells The Black Cape. “I want them to know that I got the American dream — and so can they.”

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In The Arms of an Angel: The Hanjobadiel Story [“Lucifer” Season 5, Episode 14]

Courtesy of Netflix

If there’s one thing to know about Netflix’s pop-culture smash hit “Lucifer,” it’s that the Devil-to-penis joke pipeline is a flaccid circle. 

OK, I’m kidding.

The show is obviously much deeper than that. And despite the show’s cheeky (and sometimes over-the-top) innuendo, the emotional beats still hit just the same. You can see this tremendously heartfelt and humorous combo collide in “Nothing Lasts Forever” directed by Lisa Demaine and written by Chris Rafferty.  

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Fandom Interview: Devil’s Food w/ Jessica Pommer

Jessica Pommer

Despite not having access to a kitchen, Lucifer Morningstar is reportedly an excellent cook. Throughout the show, fans have seen him make Grilled Cheese, French fries, truffle omelettes and casseroles. (The only thing he doesn’t do is the dishes.) And when he’s not cooking, he always knows the best place in LA to get a bite to eat.

Much like Lucifer, Canadian Chef Jessica Pommer,33, has a flare for food culture and great conversation. The task to create a “Lucifer” inspired cookbook grew from her desire to contribute to the fandom.

“I can’t draw, write fan-fiction, or craft items, but I’ve always had this knack for creating my own recipes and this love for ‘Lucifer’,” Pommer said. “It’s amazing how having a good meal and great conversation can make even the plainest meal that much more meaningful.  Sharing food is an important part of social interactions.”

In our email conversation; I get inside the culinary mind of British Columbia native as she shares the concepts and creations behind her Devil’s Food.

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Fandom Interview: a conversation with French artist Laurène Viala

courtesy of Laurène Viala

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when an angel falls they also rise. But what then, if an angel falls, impersonates you, kidnaps your girlfriend and tries to start an unholy war in the penultimate season of your life? They get rewarded, apparently.

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Netflix’s “Yasuke” Travels the Road to What Could be Great Success

Courtesy: Netflix

[Editor’s note: mild spoilers] 

Partially foraged in history, Netflix’s “Yasuke” takes what it can from the limited details of the real samurai’s origin story. 

Luckily,  series creator LeSean Thomas (“The Boondocks”, “The Legend of Korra”) and the stacked co-writing team; Nick Jones Jr., Alex Larsen, and musician Flying Lotus make the most of the ambiguous annals lost in nearly 400 years of time across the span of its limited six-episode run.

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Lucifer & Chloe: a mini-Valentine’s Day Deckerstar shipping guide

Photo Courtesy: Netflix // Image Header: Twitter credit

It’s Valentine’s Day 2021 and in the pandemic year for the single ladies (and the lucky couples) we are all stuck inside the house, but more importantly dangerously horny. It’s been a long journey for those on #TeamDeckerstar as we’ve watched Lucifer and Chloe dance around the elephant in the room for 5 entire seasons before finally consummating their relationship. But what a fun journey of self-discovery, selflessness, and sacrifice it has been. In honor of the 5 year anniversary of Netflix’s devilishly delicious “Lucifer,” I teamed up with the hottest girls on Twitter (nonnegotiable) to talk about the 8 episodes we always come back to in order to remedy our Deckerstar “BlueBallz” … at least until S5B comes out.

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Sherlock ‘The Sign of Three’

This is the most interesting and controversial Sherlock episode thus far. It has done three things to its own fandom and to itself as a television show in the course of what was a singularly fast paced episode. In the course of ninety minutes the show ended with mixed reviews from critics and fans a like bashing the episode from being the most un-Sherlock, Sherlock episode in the history of the series and the novel counterpart as well. Secondly, it is an episode in which a case (if you even want to call it that) presents itself only in the last thirty minutes of the show and is solved quite hastily. Lastly, the big reveal at the end of this episode (which I will indeed save for the end but don’t worry it’s not an obvious spoiler) is probably the most hot topic button pushed that leaves you hoping for the worst in the season finale.  In short this episode is the lightest, un-Sherlock, cleverly written episode that has viewers laughing, baffled, and yet subtly suffocated as a lingering darkness looms in the last five minutes leading up it the impending season finale.
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