Lucifer & Chloe: a mini-Valentine’s Day Deckerstar shipping guide

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It’s Valentine’s Day 2021 and in the pandemic year for the single ladies (and the lucky couples) we are all stuck inside the house, but more importantly dangerously horny. It’s been a long journey for those on #TeamDeckerstar as we’ve watched Lucifer and Chloe dance around the elephant in the room for 5 entire seasons before finally consummating their relationship. But what a fun journey of self-discovery, selflessness, and sacrifice it has been. In honor of the 5 year anniversary of Netflix’s devilishly delicious “Lucifer,” I teamed up with the hottest girls on Twitter (nonnegotiable) to talk about the 8 episodes we always come back to in order to remedy our Deckerstar “BlueBallz” … at least until S5B comes out.

“Homewrecker” (Season 2, Episode 9)

@lucemaze chooses this scene:

“This is one of my favorite episodes for many reasons, but I’m particularly fond of the scene where Lucifer and Chloe dance together at Lux. Chloe carries the gravity of the show, she’s always the responsible, sensible one. But for the first time since they started working together, Chloe gives in to Lucifer and they just dance together and enjoy the moment being carefree. In fact, it’s the first (and only) time we see them dancing together, having fun like that. And given the context of how she had just fended off the cops from shutting down the party at Lux– lying to her colleagues, breaking rules, something Chloe would usually be opposed to–makes it all the more significant, not to mention endearing. Although it was still early on in their partnership, and  they may have not completely come to terms with their feelings, this scene was one step forward in getting there as Lucifer realizes Chloe really cares for him, and how much he enjoys her company.”

“Quid Pro Ho” (Season 2, Episode 10)

@girlureekoffear chooses this scene:

“The episode takes place at the trial of the killer of Chloe’s father, where they both confront Lucifer’s mother aka Charlotte Richards who tries to mess things up between them. How they react, you may ask? Do they go the easy way and go against each other? Oh, absolutely not. This is not Deckerstar style. Chloe could easily say that Lucifer is lying and it would be more beneficial from the standpoint of punishment for her father’s killer. But she doesn’t because it’s not true. In front of a judge and dozens of people, both of them exchange their most heartfelt words about how much they can rely on each other and how much they mean to each other. This episode is the ultimate proof of how much these two are willing to sacrifice for each other, but also a lesson for anyone who tries to come between them – do not mess with this powerful couple, never. I’m looking at you, Michael. Aaaand, do we really need more examples of them being married?”

“Vegas with Some Radish” (Season 3, Episode 6)

@clevrdetective chooses this scene:

“I love the bullet necklace scene because it is such a tender moment between Lucifer and Chloe. The bullet necklace has also become an iconic piece in the fandom that everyone loves.”

“The Angel of San Bernardino” (Season 3, Episode 20)

This scene after Pierce (Tom Welling) breaks Chloe’s heart is… well, heartbreaking. There’s a lot of issues with season 3 in terms of how the first half handles Chloe and Lucifer’s “will they/won’t they.” Namely, they spend most of the season ignoring their feelings and not digging to the root of why they are so passive-aggressive towards each other outside relationships. Some would argue that Lucifer realizes he loves Chloe a lot earlier than this (yeah, I know they kissed in season 2), but for me I think there was no bigger reckoning for Lucifer than when he saw a despondent Chloe staring off into the fireplace of her (definitely not a house) apartment. Seeing her devastated like that, Lucifer did something that anybody on a week of no sleep would do—beat someone’s ass for merely existing in their general vicinity. That’s love.

“Quintessential Deckerstar” (Season 3, Episode 23)

@girlureekoffear chooses this scene:

“Not gonna lie. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, but this particular scene feels like a huge relief after all the pain and frustration. We all know that verbalizing our fears and feelings can be extremely difficult, not only for humans but for certain angels as well as we all know and that’s exactly what happened here. It was probably the most honest moment they’ve shared up to that point. Lucifer’s epiphany and his speech about how he really feels in the softest voice you can ever imagine combined with Chloe’s assurances that she sees good in him is what makes my heart melt. He is terrified, but he can share everything with her because she chose him and she will always choose him. It was exactly what they both needed at that moment.”

“Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno” (Season 4, Episode 2)

OK, I CAN HEAR THE COLLECTIVE CONFUSION THROUGH THE SCREEN. Let’s start with the facts; did Chloe actually try to kill him in this episode? Yes. Did Chloe really have a vile FULL of poison that she was going to clandestinely slip into his wine? I’d like to think it was flavor-enhancing food coloring. Am I in denial that this is an episode about ultimate love and sacrifice, Destiny are you insane? Maybe, most definitely. I could write an essay (and I probably will) about this entire episode is the ultimate declaration of love this show has ever seen (sorry “BlueBallz”) but I’ll save that analysis for another day. This episode contains one hell of a juxtaposition within the Deckerstar (or as I say “Morningdeck”) relationship. Chloe is struggling to come to terms with Lucifer being the *actual* devil, so much so that it broke her to the point of mania. She wanted to kill someone that she loved in order to save the world but also him from himself. You can see that Chloe is trying to rid Lucifer of “evil” in the following episode “O’ Ye of Little Faith, Father” (Season 4, Episode 3). Chloe thinks that by reforming Lucifer through acts of charity and monitoring his “sinful” habits of drinking, drugs, etc., the world can see what she knows is true; Lucifer is not the Devil that everyone makes him out to be. “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno” perfectly sets up the entire arc/dilemma of the show in one fell swoop with a well-intentioned, ridiculously sweet grilled cheese date and a botched attempt at food-poisoning the Devil back to hell (lol.) The episode bravely vilifies Chloe and plays up the best parts of Lucifer’s growing humanity. He makes a processed grilled cheese with some nonexistent stove in LUX, and unabashedly takes an AXE for her later in the episode all the while leaving Lucifer unaware that Chloe attempted to kill him just moments earlier. It fucking hurts but makes that moment all the sweeter as we see Chloe finally realize that he would willingly die to protect her. If a sandwich can be Hilter, then this grilled cheese is Saint Valentine.

“Who’s da New King of Hell?” (Season 4, Episode 10)

@clevrdetective chooses this scene:

“There are many moments in this episode but the final scene where Chloe reveals her love for Lucifer and his shock and brief happiness will never not make me melt.”

“Our Mojo” (Season 5, Episode 7)

@lucemaze chooses this scene:

“The ‘morning after’ scene, in my humble opinion, is one of the ultimate swoon-worthy Deckerstar moments. Carrying the weight of the night before is no easy feat but this episode does it impeccably, opening with the morning after scene which shows us Lucifer and Chloe just basking together in ultimate bliss. Finally, after all the longing, all the heartbreak, all the pain, everything is out in the open and they are together and can let their guard down and just be themselves. I love how playful yet heartfelt Lucifer is here, the way he looks at Chloe with his trademarked heart eyes, smiling adorably like we’ve never seen him before. He almost can’t believe she’s really there, they’ve both just never been this happy.”

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