Get ready to bark up the right tree just in time for Spring with the latest Dalmatian Disney Books

   Spring is sprouting and the De Vil is just around the corner.

Disney Publishing

  Just in time for the upcoming film “Cruella,” Disney Books is releasing two brand-new books geared towards parents and their own litter of kiddos (hopefully not 101 of them!) 

“101 Dalmatians: Spot the Difference” is described by the publishing company as “Where’s Waldo meets Press Here inside  this adorable One Hundred and One Dalmatians picture book that will have kids tilting, turning, and shaking the book to spot the Patch, the mischievous puppy who has stolen the first page of the book!” 

The book written by Calliope Glass and beautifully illustrated by Angel Rodriguez puts kids (and adults) on quite the doggone adventure as Patch leads you through a series of hijinks before you can (hopefully) get the missing book page back from him. The book is perfect for children under 7, but I can assure you that this 28-year-old had quite a few laughs herself. 

Disney Publishing

“5-Minute Furry Friends Stories” is part of Disney’s 5-Minute anthology series that depicts a myriad of classic and newer characters in brand new scenarios. This particular collection offers a flurry of furry warm love for pet owners as a collection of 12 stories that feature familiar pet pals such as; Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp, the 101 Dalmatians, and more. 

The best part about this series for me was the addition of Miguel and the rest of the Rivera family from Pixar’s “Coco.”  In a continuation after the film, potentially a year later, it further explores life after death via communication using Dante, the spirit alebrije. 

While the rest of the stories in the book are whimsical in nature, this one written by Angela Dominguez is heartfelt (and essentially proves that Miguel is simply too powerful. Seriously! He’s got a dog that lives between both realms and can easily pass notes and ask questions to his loved ones? Wild.)

Overall both of these books are delightful as each story will have your kiddos pawing for more. 

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