Fandom Interview: a conversation with French artist Laurène Viala

courtesy of Laurène Viala

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when an angel falls they also rise. But what then, if an angel falls, impersonates you, kidnaps your girlfriend and tries to start an unholy war in the penultimate season of your life? They get rewarded, apparently.

In case you missed it: “Lucifer” co-showrunner Joe Henderson, caused quite the fiery-fun frenzy on Twitter in April in a reply to an innocent tweet by co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich.

Henderson, in a giant power move, also known as “the fucking AUDACITY”, teased the fans who are already (desperately) waiting for the second (and final) half of “Lucifer” Season 5 with the wildest tease of them all—Chloe announcing that she’s married Michael and burned down Lux.

Yes, the evil twin Michael. Yes, the (unguarded) home of Lucifer Morningstar.

Seeing as the quote is from the super-upcoming Season 6, it seems sometime between Season 5B and 6, Chloe might have dived into the fan-fiction boards and realized that the flat-Heaveners (the term I use for Michael truthers) were right. Chloe has had enough of Lucifer’s shenanigans and has run straight into the arms of the man who said he loved her without hesitation.

While the Lucifans spiraled at the mysterious reference, somewhere in France, the 29-year-old Laurène Viala was storyboarding.

“I didn’t think of any other image or version before drawing this one. ” Viala said during our email interview. “It was immediate, but took me nearly 18 hours to draw.”

Error 404 – Deckerstar servers Broken
“omg” says Henderson, casually.

It was a tweet seen around the world( and by Henderson himself!). While fans were trying to playfully squeeze answers out of the showrunners, Viala made a Deckerstar shipper’s worst nightmare into admittedly beautiful reality by unfortunately following Henderson’s chaotic lead.

“That was so unexpected, now I can’t stop laughing knowing that he saw and loved it,” Viala said. “But now, I’m a bit scared if that turns out to be the truth in Season 6. I don’t even want to think about it!”

Well, it’s too bad. With great (drastic) actions comes great accountability and I am on the hunt for answers.

I sit down with the French artist to talk about this drawing and her place in the fandom.

(You can follow her art on Twitter and Deviant Art.)

How did you find out about “Lucifer?”

 I found out about the series during my holiday in 2019. I was traveling with my boyfriend and we were eating and looking for something to watch. “Lucifer” was in the top 10 on Netflix. And the summary about the Devil being bored in Hell and coming to earth to open a nightclub. Just so he can become an LAPD consultant was kinda unexpected and hilarious. So, I convinced my boyfriend and we started it.

Did you like the show from the beginning or did it have to grow on you at first? Sometimes if people are super religious they might not like this show very much, was this the case for you? 

I admit that at first, I was a little suspicious about the title, but really, I liked it since I started it. The acting, the humor, the music, and the chemistry between Tom [Ellis] and Lauren [German] was so satisfying.  And I admit I have a thing for stories with Romeo and Juliet vibes. 

Collage of Art from the Start to Finish / Lucifer Black Suit Photo

Let’s talk about the famous Michloe – painting. What inspired this?  How long did it take for you to draw/color it? 

 It took me nearly 18 hours to draw it. First, I started with the burning of Lux including the flames and smoke. And then, I finished with the two love birds and God. My inspiration came when I saw Joe [Henderson’s] tweet. It helped me imagine [what the drawing ended up looking like.]  I did search for Tom’s wedding picture to help with drawing Lucifer and Chloe, but I’ve seen Michael wearing a suit. (which has his favorite color in S5A, brown and grey shirt, a bit fancy with two feathers.) I just saw all of this in my mind! And a friend from the fandom challenged me to draw it. 

How do you feel knowing that Showrunner Joe Henderson loves your work? 

That was so unexpected.  I’m glad and proud, but it started like a joke for me, drawing this. Now I can’t stop laughing, thinking he saw and loved it. Also… I’m a bit scared if that turns out to be the truth in Season 6… Oh my gosh,  I don’t even want to think about it! 

So, do you now ship Chloe and Michael?  What do you think their relationship would look like? Do you think Lucifer would try to stop the wedding if Chloe truly loved Michael instead? Or do you think he would let her marry Michael? 

Absolutely not.  [laughs].  Sorry, I’m Team Deckerstar all the way.  But, I don’t think Lucifer would stop the wedding if she truly loved Michael and married him. After all, he didn’t stop Pierce’s when he was able to.

Do you sell your art online? Have a store for prints or anything like that?

No, I don’t have an online store, I mostly draw in my free time for my friends or the fandom. But I do have a Deviantart where I share some of my art.

Do you have a favorite couple pairing other than Lucifer and Chloe on the show?

I love Lindadiel (Amenadiel and Linda) and Mazieve (Maze and Eve). Linda and Amenadiel were so cute together, I was so sad when they ended their relationship. I think they were perfect for each other. The scene in the sand with them in Season 3 was beautiful. She’s his inspiration, he’s her comfort with all the celestial stuff. And for Maze and Eve, I think they are so sexy, that’s a perfectly good reason, isn’t it? On a more serious note, I hope Eve will find out that she loves Maze and that she doesn’t have to change for her.

What are one (or two) things are you most looking forward to seeing in “Lucifer” S5B? 

 I’d like to see Lucifer’s revenge on Dan so badly or the bracelet bros’ dynamic, now that he’s in the know. And the other thing is Linda/Dad/Luci together. I hope there is a therapy session or some awkward moments like in Season 2 with Linda’s whole “I should bow” and Luci is more like “Spit on him” And of course, some Deckerstar.

“When Angels Fall, They Also Rise” – Dr. Linda Martin

What is your favorite “Lucifer” episode and quote? 

My favorite episode… it’s hard to pick one. I love Season 2 Episode 16, “God Johnson”,  so much. 

It’s so funny and emotional at the same time (these lines with “Who did this then?” and “Santa Klaus” kills me every time), but also “A Good Day to Die”, “Spoiler Alert”, “‘til Death do us part”, and “A Priest Walks into a Bar,”  and I love every finale episode in each season, to be honest. Except for the one in S4, too much pain!

My favorite quote is probably “The Devil Wears Nada. Prada is outdated.” don’t you think? Oops no, this one is mine. Well, my favorite one is by Linda “When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are.” That’s such good advice for us all, too. Love yourselves, flaws, success, and all.

What inspires you to draw? Do you listen to music while you draw? Or how do you come up with your ideas? 

 I get my inspiration from reading and watching stuff. It can be around me or, also, on DeviantArt, Discord, or Pinterest. But, when I’m starting a project, I always listen to music. it’s a must-have, I need it. Usually, I choose a song, that matches my mood, and listen to it in a loop, again and again, again and again… until my boyfriend can’t handle it anymore, after a few hours. 

—– Additional Information——

Artist uses: 

I Paint Tool Sai as software and a Wacom tablet! 

Comment: I appreciate PTSai, because of the good pressure detection it has and the possibility to work on the same zone with multiple clipping groups.  

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