Welcome to “Sweet Celluloid”: An Ongoing Podcast

Photo Courtesy of FOX / HULU

Grab the Beyonce Pad Thai and get comfortable, a new podcast is in town. “Sweet Celluloid” is my very first podcast (read: hobby) where I will chat about my favorite movies and television series.

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The Best Chris Messina Roles in Movies and Television

Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories

A loving glance under beautifully thick eyelashes here, a dash of murderous tendencies there, and a whole lot of that undisguisable raspy Long Island accent everywhere, these are just some of the components that make up a classic Chris Messina performance. Looking through the credits of Messina’s nearly three-decade career, he has an actor’s filmography equivalent best described by the phrase: “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” And in another multiverse, Messina would already be the go-to Hollywood leading man (and Italian short king) we deserve. 

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