“Lucifer” Season 6 Review Reflection

How I looked after watching Episode 9 “Goodbye, Lucifer” // Cr. JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX © 2021

“Lucifer” Season 6 is upon us and we must finally say “Goodbye, Lucifer” for real this time.

The whole of Season 6 was a heartfelt journey that stripped down the characters to their roots in order to tell a story about ultimate sacrifices, and the trials one must go through to reach their greatest desires.

It was a well-deserved ending for all the characters we’ve grown to love so much over the past six years, even if it put Deckerstar through hell and back to give their eternal love some justice.

Below, I break down Season 6 in an interview with myself about all my favorite things that comprise the entirety of this series finale.

[Also if you have any thoughts to add or want to share your thoughts about the ending please do so! You can find me here or leave a comment below]

[Questions lifted from LCL‘s “Lucifer” Season 6 Breakdown read it here.]

 Favorite episode: Episode 8 “Save the Devil, Save the World” 

This is a tough on because Episode 9 is an extremely close second. But I think my ultimate favorite has to be Episode 8 “Save the Devil, Save the World.” I mean what a throwback to “Heroes,” am I right? It’s hard to express exactly why this episode stands out for me, and I’ve had two months to figure it out. 

There’s just something so innately warm and heartfelt about the character composition in this episode. The shot of Ella seeing Amenadiel fly, the hilarious Lucifer-fueled therapy montages, Chloe and Rory learning what Lucifer did… it’s fucking fantastic. Racheal Harris also portrays Dr. Linda Martin as frenzied and insecure over her draft being read, very funny. 

 Perhaps I’m most impressed by how minimalist it is. It takes place in the late-night/early morning of Lux and Lucifer’s penthouse and there’s not a whole lot going on outside of monologues and character exposition. It’s great. Episode highlights here are Ella, Lucifer, and Linda.  It just feels like you’re sitting around a warm cozy fire listening to a supernatural tale about the bonds of friendship and the trials of love over a mug of hot chocolate with your group of close friends. 

 Best twist: Maze could actually see and hear Dan during her fitting

There’s not much to say here than the simplicity of this scene where Ghost Dan comes back, and he’s spoken to the other celestials so he thinks demons should be able to communicate with him too. But Maze makes a snide remark about how tight his jeans were to her tailor and ignores Dan. It surprised both me and Dan. And it was such a great laugh when later she reveals that she could in fact see and hear him, ultimate friend own. 

[Honorable mention to Chloe hiding the blade. It was obvious, at least to me, but what wasn’t was Chloe letting Lucifer go off on Rory like that and not revealing until she had left Linda’s office.]

“I’m nobody’s daddy” Cr. JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX © 2021

Funniest moment:

It’s impossible to narrow down one, but these are the moments that got the most “lol” out of me.

Mike Costa’s Episode 1 “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here” is funny in its entirety. Another call back to Hanjobadiel and his angelic jizz doing a number on Amenadiel’s shower pipes. “Bones, have you lost weight?”  / “Duran, Duran, what do you desire?” His call back to running a magician club with Rasputin, It’s just all fun. 

Joe Henderson’s Episode 3 “Yabba Dabba Do Me” features Lauren German as Chloe Decker playing Lauren German scatting.  That was not Chloe, that was Lauren, you can’t convince me otherwise. (and honorable mention to my boy Frog Dan.)

Carly Woodworth’s Episode 4 “Pin the Tail on the Daddy” wins for the title alone, but more specifically the call back to CSI Miami, as Lucifer responds to a man coyly calling him “daddy”, and Lucifer takes a beat before declaring, and putting on sunglasses like David Caruso,  “that’s where you’re wrong buddy boy. I’m here to prove that I am nobody’s daddy.” 

Aiyanna White’s  Episode 8 “Save the Devil, Save the World” has the most “lol” moments for me.  “Did you just say ‘science?’ That makes me think, yes. I just solved another murder.” The whole unreliable narrator sequence is funny. Honorable mention to Lucifer sighing over Ella’s fast Spanish and the “Ghost” film reference.

Chris Rafferty’s Episode 9 “Goodbye, Lucifer” is nothing to laugh at. However, there are some comical moments; a Rory and Lucifer play date in which they go sumo wrestling, buy a bunch of sweets and jewelry;  Lucifer’s “Hazy Shade of Winter” dance montage; and learning that there’s a sibling named Lezmakadiel is all funny. 

Moment that made you cry the most: “Goodbye, Lucifer”

The whole episode made me cry, but no scene more so than the beach picnic when you’ve got Phantom Planet’s “Time Moves On” playing in the background… AND THEN… the panic room slow dance/no dialogue scene?! Jesus Christ. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful moment of  television.  (Episode 10’s piano/hell throne combo kiss is an extremely close second). Rafferty was absolutely in his fucking bag when he wrote this episode. Normally you can count on Rafferty for the tears from his prior track record on “Lucifer”, but this … this was something else. An integral episode of the series as a whole. 

 Most iconic moment: Piano/Hell Throne Kiss 360 extravaganza  

I don’t want to go too much into this or I’ll start crying again. This frame of that somber, intimate series of kisses Chloe lays on Lucifer is so fucking beautiful. German’s portrayal of the heartbroken, yet resilient Chloe, even though she doesn’t want to be strong in this moment…is just devastating. Great, now I’m crying again. Iconic.  Best Deckerstar moment in the series run (right next to “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”’s ax scene.)

 Favorite character (outside of Lucifer & Chloe):   Ella and Amenadiel

Season 6 Ella gets some well-deserved dialogue and screen time, which made me love her more than I have ever loved her before. Amenadiel has always been cool, but he really grew on me in Season 4, and then Season 5’s “Detective Amenadiel” really turned me into a stan for him late in the game. So, perhaps these two for Season 6. Also, both Aimee Garcia and DB Woodside act their asses off here.

Favorite line/quote:  

“These kids don’t have the luxury to separate the person from the uniform. This uniform took their mom away, and this uniform killed their brother. They’re terrified of us, and every day we give them reasons for that.”  – Episode 6 “A lot Dirtier Than That”  (Officer Harris)

“You’ve gotta dance between the raindrops.” – Episode 6 “A lot Dirtier Than That”  (Officer Harris)

“Start Calling Dan, Casper.” – a list item in Episode 9 “Goodbye, Lucifer” 

“Lucifer, none of us know exactly how this is going to end. That’s what makes the present so important.” – Episode 9 “Goodbye, Lucifer” (Dr. Linda Martin) 

“You called me Dad.” / “Did I? I thought I said something like daaayumn, that hurts.”  – Episode 10 “Partners ‘Til the End” (Lucifer and Rory) 

Moment that made you scream the loudest at your TV: 

Chloe telling Lucifer she WAS going to Hell with him in Episode 3, that shit was crazy cool. I said a slew of swears after being destroyed by Episode 9. And then for Episode 10,  I yelled as soon as I heard the music start for “My Body is a Cage” by Peter Gabriel, good on you Sherwin Shilati, fucking great choice. 


Best actor for each episode:

Episode 1 – Tom Ellis. thanks for that cute domestic sit-down, Costa!

Episode 2 – Bob the Drag Queen, how fun was that “The Lady is a Tramp” scene in Hamburger Mary’s?

Episode 3 – Lauren German and Frog Dan. I can’t decide. 

Episode 4 -Lauren German. I too would be angry if my celestial man was on a baby daddy hunt without at least informing me! 

Episode 5 – Lauren German. Corruption to power is a bitch, good for you, girl!

Episode 6 –  The “Bridge Over Troubled Water” scene isn’t an actor, but I wish it was. DB Woodside and Lesley Ann-Brandt get great moments here. I can’t choose between all three. 

Episode 7 – Aimee Garcia

Episode 8 – Aimee Garcia, Tom Ellis, Rachael Harris. I CAN’T CHOOSE ONE!

Episode 9 – Everyone, including the panic room. 

Episode 10 – Tom Ellis, Lauren German

 Biggest game-changer? A moment that changed the show forever:

Lucifer being able to control his vulnerability to allow Rory to shoot him. Fantastic, all the women in his family have shot him. Aside from Trixie who has only violently kicked him, but I’m sure if he stuck around she too would find a reason to shoot Lucifer Morningstar. 

How satisfied were you with the ending of the series?

Very satisfied. Honestly, I was surprised at how accepting I was of the ending. It found a decent way to wrap up everyone’s individual storylines—Amenadiel gets the biggest glow-up— more than any other supernatural show I’ve watched. As far as Deckerstar is concerned, sure it’s a bit controversial, but once the feathers settle, I really do feel that within the confines of the show, the fact that Deckerstar splitting up makes sense. There’s great nuance to be had about the method the writers chose to get there, but I wasn’t really upset about it. The show’s underlying message in the last few seasons has been about sacrifice and redemption. 

Sad, sure, but understanding at best. Because Chloe and Lucifer do get to be together in the end, it just takes a while for Chloe, and even longer for Lucifer (time is faster in Hell). I think introducing time travel in any show is kind of asking for trouble, and those elements are the strongest in its final season, but again with the addition of Rory, they try to make sense of it in the best way possible.  Lucifer couldn’t be with Chloe while she aged and died, that would wreck him. Lucifer couldn’t get rid of his immortality. Arguably it probably would have been difficult for him to be a part-time dad and part-time Hell healer, but the show doesn’t really give us a reason to believe that, so we have to fill in that gap ourselves.  I imagine trying to do both would make it harder and harder to leave Earth.  I’d give the ending an 8/10 because for all the mini-road bumps we got some damn great writing. 

 [Read my TV Guide Lucifer Season 6 Review article to find out more about why I’m OK with the ending here] 

 Now that the show is complete, rank all the seasons starting with your favorite

6, 4, S5A, 2, S5B, 1, 3. 


One thought on ““Lucifer” Season 6 Review Reflection

  1. Hi Destiny! I always enjoy reading your interesting takes. Thanks for all you do for the fandom 😀👏🏽

    I’m still processing all of it, so this is one of many thoughts I have. One of my top-ten-most-touching-moments was at the end of the Ella/Carol scene in episode 8, when the lights go down on Lux. That hit me right in the feels. All the punches coming all the time 😭


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