It’s Been A While, Let’s Chat…

Well, kiddos …

Yes, this blog is supposed to be updated. Yes, this blog is still functional. And no, I haven’t updated it since September 2021 in terms of posted content. But I can assure you I have been updating my published works page, go check it out!

WordPress can be a little difficult to navigate sometimes, and if you’re still coming here to read some of my old content, I thank you! And I swear I am prepping for new content in the future.

The plan this year is to focus on more reviews. You see, I did a little bit of introspection at the beginning of this year. What kind of journalist am I? A nosey one for sure. I mean I was able to track down my favorite showrunners and scriptwriters to tell me about Lucifer’s “handjob” angel, call Rikers Island Prison to tell me about the panty request from “Inventing Anna,” and dig deep into the writing process with Spider-Man writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna. I am an interviewer, a talker. While I have plenty to say about the television, films, and books I consume (mostly on Twitter), I find it hard to put them down into elegant words for the page. No matter how many critics I read and follow, I just can’t imagine trying to enter that particular bubble. But how do you grow if you don’t try? And if you never try you’ll never know just what your worth, ya know?

So, this is me trying. I will, obviously, still be dedicating most of my time to my paying freelance jobs which does take up a lot of my writing brain cells and energy at the moment…but I promise to make some more space for my blog, and write things that I can’t pitch elsewhere or just whatever I’m thinking about. What a scary thought.

Anyway, see you all soon.

xo DJ

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