Spider-Man Turns 60: ‘Amazing Fantasy #1000’ Review

With great power comes great responsibility — and celebration. In honor of the legendary webhead turning 60 this year, Marvel Comics released the ultimate Spider-Man anthology titled “Amazing Fantasy #100”, as a nod to Spider-Man’s first comic book appearance back in 1962’s “Amazing Fantasy #15.”

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“Miles Morales: Shock Waves” Review

courtesy of Marvel

Within a year of becoming Brooklyn’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales has queued a list of his five most frequently answered questions such as: is he old enough to be fighting crime? Does he have a fear of falling? Is he related to *that* other Spider-Man from Queens? But the most important curated question is the last one on his list: “What does a superhero do when they’re not saving the world?” 

Miles Morales: Shock Waves” written by Justin Reynolds (“Early Departures”) and illustrated by Pablo Leon aims to answer that question. 

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Take a ‘Leap of Faith’ with this ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ activity book this summer

Me holding the activity kit; courtesy Studio Fun International

With great vaccination comes great outside-ability. OK, that’s not how the phrase goes, but nevertheless, as more people get vaccinated it seems the likelihood of activities has increased. And what better way to celebrate than having some pre-planned activities for you and your kiddos whether it be for indoor or outdoor fun.

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